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I'm glad you arrived, please do come in.. I hope you enjoy my Homemade crafty items. Feel free to leave a comment and if you have any questions I'll do my best to reply. I've been having better luck with my Mojo but still have a tendency to get lost in the game. I lose my mojo and I just wait for some inspiration to hit and then I'll scrap again. I'm sure others know what I'm talking about. We just plain run out of ideas for a moment! Sooner or later things are kicking back into gear! YAY! For those that stop by and leave comments, I greatly appreciate it. Even stop by just to say Hi.. I will try to get back to your blog too. I hope you have a great day, I hope you enjoy your visit! Sherry

Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Halloween Haunted House Tag

Happy Halloween!   Just getting into some fun of it... One of my halloween tags..   Thanks for stopping by.  This was going to be part of a tag swap but life threw a big curve ball and I didn't sign up because I didn't think I could complete them by the due date.   So the tags I have now I'm going to complete them into a mini  halloween album for myself.  

 I knew someday the picture of the moon, taken by my son Kyle, would come in handy.  It was PERFECT for my haunted house!  What can be more realistic than the real thing!     Great picture Kyle!
                                                                    HOPE YOU ENJOY!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Different Kind of Bouquet!

My daughter just had her 25th day.  I've been asking her what she wanted for a present, so one day she laughs and emails me.. hey I need sock, you can get me some socks for my birthday.   So How boring is that!!!   So I decided to be creative and make a Bouquet full of socks and added some scrapbook things she can use.    I thought as a joke it turned out pretty good!    I don't even know how many pairs of sock there actually ended up being in it!  lol     But it turned out pretty good considering its only made from socks!  Of course I got her some other things but this was just kind of a joke.  But I'm glad how it turned out.

Happy Birthday Ashley.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Roses, Roses, every where!

Well I've been working and working trying to achieve what I feel if the natural looking rose.   So here we go,  I'll post individual pictures and the whole bunch.  I can see I'm getting better..  but do you think they look like a rose.  The yellow and pinks are the newest.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Flower Making Mode

I was going to join a swap for homemade flowers but I missed the closing but I figured I would make some flowers anyway.. maybe for another swap.. maybe for myself. I really enjoy making flowers, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist and always try and make them  as close to real as possible. My Ostermums are one of my fav.. so I tried to create the flower I had going in the back.  I've been making roses too.. trying to get them to my satisfaction.  I will have to post them another day as I didn't take pics of them yet.
There are several different types of flowers.., my usual ones just made in colors I've not tried.  I love them mostly white.  Although, again, the camera didn't pick up the glitter they are all painted with acrylic and painted with extreme glitter and lacquered to all the shine.   Thanks for looking

My favorite ones are the white ones with the little touch of black or the touch of blue  But then again I always change my mind!  lol  Thanks for stopping by