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I'm glad you arrived, please do come in.. I hope you enjoy my Homemade crafty items. Feel free to leave a comment and if you have any questions I'll do my best to reply. I've been having better luck with my Mojo but still have a tendency to get lost in the game. I lose my mojo and I just wait for some inspiration to hit and then I'll scrap again. I'm sure others know what I'm talking about. We just plain run out of ideas for a moment! Sooner or later things are kicking back into gear! YAY! For those that stop by and leave comments, I greatly appreciate it. Even stop by just to say Hi.. I will try to get back to your blog too. I hope you have a great day, I hope you enjoy your visit! Sherry

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Have you tried the Imaginisce iTop Brad Maker?

If you love this tool, but hate the uneven edges it can produce.. follow this little trick I found on the net to creat smooth even edges that almost make them look store bought.  No more points.. no more visible lines..  this trick is worth giving it a try.   These brads were made from cardboard paper plates, so they are much thicker than just regular paper and still I'm so pleased with how they turned out.   Have the Imaginisce iTop Brad Maker... give this a try and let me know how your brads turned out.

I recently seen a video I believe it was on youtube from Imaginisce, but  I can't be sure.. to many earthbound souls, erry lifeless souls looking for someone to invade, I think one got me!! lol  my brain just isn't the same. teehee

Anyway enough with the silliness I watched an Imaginisce produced video.. and todays post is for those of us that LOVE the Imaginisce I Top Brad Maker.    I just love being able to make a brad to what ever my little heart desires, but always hated the little ridges that are created after using the Imaginisce paper punch and the brad is completed.  You know its just not the perfect look... I've studied many crafters who use the brad maker, and look to see just how well theirs turn out and if they can get there edge to look smooth.. or what tricks they did to cover up the sides..   WELL HOLD ON.. cause this video that I watched gave a fantastic trick tip and I just had to share it with everyone, well to those that stop by anyway!

After punching out your image, paper, or what ever it is you want to make a brad out of, lay paper towel on the table and place your cut paper, in between folded paper towel,  then wet the towel..   don't soak your paper.. but sightly dampen it.  on both sides.    Then continue the steps of making your brad, making sure the edges are good and tucked in before you clamp the back on.  When your brad is made.. roll the finished brad all around the counter.. to flatten the edges.  I used extra firm pressure as what I made my brads from were cardboard paper food plates, so you all know how stiff and how the ridges would be extremely hard and pokey...   WELL ROLL ON!    Give it a try... Here is a few pictures.. could you guess that those are made from paper plates??  They are almost perfect.. and you would have to look twice to see that it actually does have edges but they are so pressed in they blend in...  What a Great tip Imaginice had!!
If I could find that video I'd show you.. but then again.. to many invasions and not enough memory!!

TAKE A LOOK UP CLOSE!!  Well do you think it worked??   ohh I just love this trick!

I'd love to know how it worked for you, so please share your experiences with me.  
Happy Brad Making!
OH yes and a very spooky Halloween!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Christmas is getting closer

This is the newest batch of Christmas ornaments for anyone that stops by and looks..  thanks for looking

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Paper Lady Bug Shoes

As part of my shoe  swaps, I made this adorable little shoes and I enclosed a pair of  these cute little ladybug paper shoes to go along with her blue "fit for a queen shoe, to celebrate her first expecting baby.   I've been waiting to post  the pictures until after she got her parcel in the mail, as I didn't want to ruin the surprise!
Its a shame they are only paper, but of course the glitter paper isn't really baby friendly, so she'll have to display them with her other blue shoe, I made for her.
They are just little and hard to tell scale size in here but I think they are just way to cute!!   I hope you think so too, feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for checking out my new paper shoes. I love the visits, let me know you've stopped by.

Monday, September 6, 2010

As I Said... My Third and Final Shoe!

Well if you enjoyed my first two shoes, I hope you enjoy this one, in blue.   This one I decided to try glass balls for the high heel.. it looks really nice.. What do you think??    I will post some pictures and some of the three together.  

For those that have just seeing my shoes for the first time,  they are made out of completely paper and styrofoam and are not real shoes that have been decorated up.   I have been part of a swap to build a shoes that's fit for a queen.  These are my attempts.   The purple was my first,  the Green my second and finally just finished my last one blue.   I can't decide which one I like the best.  Having them all three together  is a very nice display.   I hope you enjoy.  Feel free to share  your thoughts.  

I had so much fun with this swap, and felt I was up for the challenge.  I'll be sending the green and the blue shoes out to my swap buddies this week.  The purple one is my own to keep and will display it with my shoes that I receive.  

Once again, thanks for looking, stop by again, feel free to say hi too!  
Take Care    Sherry

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Christmas is just Around The Corner, Are You Ready??

Want to make that special something for a good friend for christmas???  Or even make them for your own tree.  I have done both.   I've been doing this for years now...  Lots of work to make plenty for a tree, but they are awesome once they are done!!   If there are enough that would really like to try making them, please leave a message and let me know.. If there are enough that really would like, I can be convinced to make a picture tutorial for my blog.   For right now, I'm sharing my pictures with you.   Thanks for looking.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Beautiful Wedding Weekend

This weekend, I watched.. and cried, as my daughters best friend, who's is like my own daughter, celebrate her very beautiful wedding.   She looked so pretty.  Its so hard to believe  that Jenny is now a married woman!!  Wow.   I wanted to make her something special, that came from my heart, something that she could look at everyday, and know its from me, but also partly made from her.  

I made her this clock...  I've spend sometime getting just the right things for this very special gift.  The empty spots you see are for pictures that have special meaning for her, from her wedding.   Alot of time and love went into this.. and I have talked to her tonight and she loves it!!   I just wanted to share with you a picture.  Thanks for taking a peek.. feel free to leave a comment.

(the time on the camera was not set right lol oops)
The white scrolls on the sides are actually cut from wood, (I can't remember the company name) unfortunately because the background is white.. and I painted the scrolls white, they just were not standing out there best for the picture...  but they look really quite stunning with the black and blue.  I'm SOOO happy she loved it..   Thanks for taking a look..  Stop by again and feel free to say HI!
Congratulations once again Jen..  You were absolute beautiful!   Love you, Sherry

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Second Homemade Shoe Is Complete.

This is my second attempt at shoe making..  for those that have questioned me, NO this is not a real shoe thats decorated, its made of mostly paper, styrofoam and a plastic tube for the spike heal.  My swap buddy loves earth tones.    Its alittle out of my area of comfort, as you can probably tell from the rest of my blog, I love pinks and purples, and pastels..     I did my best trying to work with colors that I just wasn't sure about.  I sure hope I did good..   Here are a few pictures,  thanks for stopping by, feel free to share a comment.  
Finished today Aug 22,  2010


 Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoyed my homemade shoe.  Hope you had a great weekend.   Sherry

Monday, August 16, 2010

Walk A Mile In My Shoes!

But you might not get to far because it's made all out of paper!  hehe    I've recently  joined a swap for making  a shoe fit for a queen.  Marie Antoniette was a queen of elegance and style.  She loved her beautiful dresses and shoes.  Our request: make a shoe that Marie would be proud of.   This is my first attempt at shoe making..  I will share with you my first and once I'm done making my others for the swap, i will share them too.. so stick around and wish me luck!! lol

Thanks for taking a peek at my newest addition.  I will add the others once they are completed.  
Thanks for stopping by

Friday, August 6, 2010

He Found My Sparkle!!!

I knew I had to give my camera to my son Kyle, he takes much better pictures than I do.  He really brought the sparkle out on these one..   I hope you can see when I say they ALL just sparkle from every direction! As with all my flowers.. the leaves and roses are not attached to make it easier for shipping.  Sometimes the roses are slightly crooked which wasn't noticed, but not a problem.
Thanks again for taking a peek!

Trying to Capture that Elusive Glitter And Shine

I have in front of me a box full of gorgeous flowers, each sparkling with so much gleam and shine.
But as I take each picture the twinkles, and glittering petals disappear.   GRRR  lol  I try over and over trying to get them to show the true likeness..  Here is another attempt as trying to show just how much these shine.  Even the leaves have been dolled up and look fantastic in there green gleam!
This picture is slightly out of focus, but you can see alot of twinkling and sparkles, now picture every flower, all the leaves, just shine so pretty.
I hope you enjoy my little display of soft pastel colors.   After holidays are over I may put these in my Etsy shop if anyone is interested.   If you are interested in them right now, feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks again for stopping by, its always great to have company.

Summertime Flowers

A few weekends ago, I decided to make up some more flowers.  I just LOVE these.. there is so much glitter and shine, but I'm disappointed as the pictures don't do them justice.  I'll post a few to try and capture the glitter and sparkle!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A New Creations

With alittle bit of inspiration from the ladies at, I decided to try to make my very first altered item and made this pail for my daughter new scraproom.   I discovered that I really loved making it and just might have to make one for me too!

All the Pink polka dot flowers are made by me, they match well for this.    The vase I made from a new stamp set I recently bought.  It stands out from the side, sort of 3d look.  I filled the vase full of the stems of the roses.    Thanks for looking I hope you enjoyed.  

Monday, May 17, 2010

I've Jumped Into the World of Etsy!!

Well Its official, I've jumped in, ok I just dipping my toes in at the moment, but I've started my own
Etsy Shop.  I will be selling my flowers as well as scrapbook supplies.    I only have one set added today, so just feeling the Etsy waters.  I will add more of what you see on my blog.  I really enjoy making my flowers and hope the amount of work that goes into them is very evident.

Until I'm comfortable, I will keep my number of sets available to a more manageable number.
This is a whole new world for me, so please bear with me while I learn.   I'm kinda excited but alittle scared too..  lol  who knew!!    I hope you enjoy my handmade flowers.
Now also known now as CanadianCandyCrafts

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A flower Monster has been Created

lI recently joined a swap that well, went sour I guess.  Still haven't gotten my returns.    But this started me on the creating flower journey.   I still haven't decided to add them to Etsy or not.. the charges are so much,
Like any company would do, the charges they occur are passed on to the buyers.. thats just how business work, but I don't want people to think I'm ripping them off.  My flowers take hours.. expecially my hand drawn design layouts.   My largest 3 in flower can have up to 8 layers of petals..  just depends on which flower I create.   There are some new one I've been working on  since I last posted..

I just love the colors of these.  These flowers have thick heavey glitter cardstock as the base petal.  it adds lots of glitter, though the camera doesn't pick up that so well.  The centers are not glued down, this is like this because of selling and sending through the mail.  To much risk of damage if the roses are sitting above the flower.  So I leave them off and can be added on with a dab of glue.  The leaves too are not added, as that is a very personal choice where you would want the on your layout.

Not only am I trying to be creative with my homemade flowers, I'm trying to be creative with my display.  I just love how this picture turned out.  This weathered angel, which brings such character, hold within her hands, as if she was smelling in there intoxicating scent.   I'm very pleased with how this one turned out.

Although you cant tell in these photo, there are layers upon layers on these flowers, half which are hand cut.  Most of this set of flowers have been hand painted first, with Acrylic paint as well some have Glitter paint.. and then the most shiny product I've found is added..  All Acid free!  and non toxic too!  Here is a few close up pictures so you can see some of the design.  Some I've spent alittle more intricate time creating a pretty design within the petal.. I hope you enjoy

These center flowers match perfectly for this flower which is 3 inches wide.
The rose is the perfect color of pink, and the Prima daisy adds a very feminine feel for this flower.  A you can see the stamped image I created in the first layer of this flower,  draws your attention to the center.  I hope you enjoy

These black and white have to be my
favorite so far.  The pink flower center  made these two flowers very feminine and soft.   I added the small feather leaves along with the mulberry as an experiment,  I haven't quite decided if they look better with.. or without.  What do you think?

This last set  doesn't fit in with all the pretty colors.  they are such a bold vibrant red.  The design on these ones have been drawn on by me. I didn't add any center piece as I couldn't figure out what looked the best.  I think a clear Rhinestone might be the best with this set.   I know they are much different, but I hope you still can enjoy.

Thanks for taking a small tour of my recently made flowers.  I am selling them and would accept money order.  I haven't mailed out any out of the US and Canada,  so I'm not sure how much postage would be.
But knowing Canada post is will be an overpriced charge.   
If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line.   I hope you enjoyed my flowers, there are other photos on here if you would like to see other photos.  

Have a wonderful week.  Thanks for the visit

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Signs of Spring

My youngest son Kyle, who learned how to use my camera much better that I can, has started venturing
outside and  capturing the moments of spring.  I just love this time the snow is gone! Although its still brown out there, you can now see little glimpses of green.

How adorable this chickadee has found the perfect place to call home.  Kyle took several pictures and I'm very proud of how he has taken so well to photography.  He filmed this bird, along with his mate, as they were putting there finishing touches on their new home.   This next shot is outstanding shot!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wow what a Rough Week

March 15 th
This week has been a very difficult one. On Monday, my son Corey was on his way to work, 2 minutes after he left he called, dazed and confused, said you better come here I've been in an accident. I raced out the door, got out to the highway, beat the police, ambulance, and fire trucks to the scene. It turns out that my son had a very close call to death. One second faster and he would of been hit directly into the driver side door, but thank goodness the the hit was absorbed by the front bumper and tire. He was hit at highway speeds which would of been 60 Miles an hour, as he tried crossing the highway. My car is totaled but I don't care, I could of lost my son in the blink of an eye. He received some injuries and do believe he was knocked out for a minute or so. But the worst of it all was his shoulder has been separated. Minor compared to what could of happened. He was hit so hard it spun him, and as he came around the vehicle hit him on the back end too. The picture shows how far in the damage went.. The tire, which in the picture, as been pushed back up, but when I got there, the tire was laying at a 45% angle from the ground.
So scary to think of what could of happened, but I thank God for saving him from a different outcome.