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Monday, December 24, 2012

Let It Snow ------- A Difficult Challenge kit for me.

Merry Christmas everyone!!    Santa is almost here!!                   Dec 24th, 2012

Today I'm going to share with you a layout as well the picture of the kit and the limited things I had to work with.    I finally finished after alot of thinking.
The Rules of this challenge was I could ONLY use the paper supplied and the very sparse embellishments.  I could not buy any prefabbed embellishments, or any other papers.   What we could use was any medium out there, Paints, smooch, embossing powder, inks, clays,  so if you wanted an embellishment you had to come up with something yourself. .  So if I wanted flowers I'd have to make too..   SO  after alot of thought I went to town!   Everything was made.  There are several different mediums used..  making silicon moulds.  I made the roses from utee, the birds in Plastic resin,  red flower  centres I made from oven baked clay too.  I used micro fine glitter on sookwang tape.  The "string of white beads"  are white opal  liquid pearls.  The gold fern were painted with Krylon's 18kt. Gold leaving pen..  Ooh this is such a gorgeous gold color.   I wish the camera would pick up all the glitter.. as the gold, Red and White are so sparkly.   The white micro fine glitter is actually called iridescent Diamonds... its full of white, silver and clear teeny tiny fine glitter.. its just so gorgeous I love it.   I will have a long list of supplies listed at the bottom of this layout.  Please drop me a message, its nice to know I have visitors.    I hope you enjoy my creativity with this layout...    Sherry

I have submitted this layout to a Bling challenge And A christmas color challenge too,  over at Funtoolas. And I'm hoping to add it to a Challenge at Flying Unicorn For the  December's  Alter Ego Challenge.

                              Check out the Kit and the spare embellishments I had to work with


Supply List

Home for Christmas Paper from Fancy Pants
Martha Stewart Paint - Pearl
Martha Stewart Vine punch
Martha Stewart Fern punch
Martha Stewart Heart border punch
Martha Stewarts Border punch
Micro Fine Glitter
Sookwang double sided tape
in gold, Red, Iridescent Diamond white
Versa Mark
Ranger STICKY Embossing Powder
Clear, White, Gold Utee from Ranger
Plastic Resin
Oven back Clay
Silicon moulds
Liquid Pearls in Opal White and Peacock
Apple Barrel White Gloss Paint
Krylon 18kt. Gold Leafing Pen 
Red velvet Ribbon
Glue Dots mini size
Scotch Quick dry adhesive


Saturday, December 1, 2012

My first time submitting layout won the Scrapbook Carnival Layout contest

In Sept our city had an annual scrapbook carnival, hosted by the creators of the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine.  As part of the 2 day event there was a scrapbook layout contest, where we could submit out work for a possibility of being chosen to be published. I was then shown two prizes to be won, first was a  Digital Sony 8 inch printer that prints 4x6 pictures on the go and it was also a digtal photo frame so you could show off any of those pictures you loved.   Then I was shown the second prize and it was a scrapbooking package, album, inks, stamps, embellishments things like that.  The cofounder of the magazine was excited at showing what awesome prizes that are up for grabs, but reality set in and I thought there was no way.  I've never submitted ANY of my work, in fear its just not good enough.   The contest ended up with over 130 layouts. I was in awe of all the fantastic work all the other ladies did.  At the end of the second day I was there to pick up my work to take home. This was when they announced the winner.  So standing and waiting they picked up the.. Digital Sony 8 inch printer  and said the Winner of this fantastic prize goes to the lady that did This layout... and they held up MINE!!!
MINE!!  I was in shock, my eyes began to well up and in that spilt second I told myself.. don't cry Don't cry... everyone is gonna think i'm crazy don't cry!!  LOL   I managed to hold it in as I walked up and was presented this awesome prize.   I have to say I was alittle shell shocked..  first I was chosen to win,  which meant my very first submission was going to be published in a magazine and if THAT wasn't enough... I got this AWESOME prize..  Gotta say after I went back to where I was standing.. holding my layout in my hand and the Sony Digital printer, my emotions did get the better part of me and a couple tears managed to work there way out!  LOL  I was truly shocked, honoured and thrilled all at the same time.  Never feeling good enough has always been there, but for that moment I felt very proud.

My layout is now published in the Dec Issue the the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine.  I however was just a wee bit disappointed with the process of printing magazines (maybe?), but my layout looks totally different.  I'm happy its published but I wish everyone really seen that glistening Gold with layers and layer of gold papers.   What it looks like the gold is kind of gray paper..  I will post of picture of both the actually picture and the published one.  Don't get me wrong.. I'm still published, I just wished that everyone that looks would actually get to see what it REALLY looked like.  

                                                                   MY LAYOUT

          Proud to say I'm published in December's issue of the  Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine

Very different from the original.
ANYWAY.  If anyone does see it you will know that its really a GLEAMING Gold with 7 layers of Paper and gold glitter board.  Thanks for stopping by I hope you don't mine my excitement for myself.    I hope that someday I will be published again or be good enough to be a guest designer for somewhere..   practice practice practice!!!     Say hi if you stop in.   THANKS  SHERRY