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Monday, September 6, 2010

As I Said... My Third and Final Shoe!

Well if you enjoyed my first two shoes, I hope you enjoy this one, in blue.   This one I decided to try glass balls for the high heel.. it looks really nice.. What do you think??    I will post some pictures and some of the three together.  

For those that have just seeing my shoes for the first time,  they are made out of completely paper and styrofoam and are not real shoes that have been decorated up.   I have been part of a swap to build a shoes that's fit for a queen.  These are my attempts.   The purple was my first,  the Green my second and finally just finished my last one blue.   I can't decide which one I like the best.  Having them all three together  is a very nice display.   I hope you enjoy.  Feel free to share  your thoughts.  

I had so much fun with this swap, and felt I was up for the challenge.  I'll be sending the green and the blue shoes out to my swap buddies this week.  The purple one is my own to keep and will display it with my shoes that I receive.  

Once again, thanks for looking, stop by again, feel free to say hi too!  
Take Care    Sherry


  1. I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop! heehee!! Pun totally intended!

    Your shoes are GORGEOUS, lady!

  2. LOL Marlene... funny... careful.. they are just paper don't drop them to hard!!! lol

  3. wow those shoes are pretty! And I love your handmade flowers!! How did you make those?

  4. Hi, Thanks for your visit! You're in the draw for my Candy....thanks for spreading the word.
    Wow!!! blown away by these amazing paper shoes and the pretty flowers you make.......great work!

  5. This cluster of shoes in this picture is one of the Most Beautiful.... ;)

    Serena x

  6. Oh my STARS! Your shoes are beautiful! Definitely the more sophisticated, grown up variety. I LOVE them. Thanks for posting the link at Imaginisce. :)

  7. amazing shoes. I have obcessed over them since I saw them and must try these myself!!! Your work is perfection.

  8. I love all your shoes! You did a beautiful job decorating them. I've made a few shoes also, but I think yours are exquisite. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and talent. If you like you can view my shoes here...


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