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Monday, May 17, 2010

I've Jumped Into the World of Etsy!!

Well Its official, I've jumped in, ok I just dipping my toes in at the moment, but I've started my own
Etsy Shop.  I will be selling my flowers as well as scrapbook supplies.    I only have one set added today, so just feeling the Etsy waters.  I will add more of what you see on my blog.  I really enjoy making my flowers and hope the amount of work that goes into them is very evident.

Until I'm comfortable, I will keep my number of sets available to a more manageable number.
This is a whole new world for me, so please bear with me while I learn.   I'm kinda excited but alittle scared too..  lol  who knew!!    I hope you enjoy my handmade flowers.
Now also known now as CanadianCandyCrafts


  1. I LOVE your handmade flowers! I've bookmarked the site. I am sure I will be making a purchase in the near future.

  2. Marlene... thank you so much for your compliment. I'll be slowly adding or adding if someone asks for a certain color. Or even do it separately, I just don't want to put all on and pay for all the fees if no one is that into that set color. I"m going by comments from my scrapbook page. Thanks for the visit and for the comment.. I hope coming here you will see it.. lol still haven't fully figured out this blog business lol

  3. Hey there,

    Just wanted to let you know I purchased some of your flowers from your Etsy store this morning! Can't wait to get them!

  4. Have received your flowers - and they're even BETTER in person than in these pics!!! WOW!!!

  5. Just dropped in to see your blog again. You have made some changes since my last visit. Your flowers are gorgeous.

    I miss seeing your creative LOs on the site. Hope you find your mojo soon.

    Hugs from Ontario, Fran


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