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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Have you tried the Imaginisce iTop Brad Maker?

If you love this tool, but hate the uneven edges it can produce.. follow this little trick I found on the net to creat smooth even edges that almost make them look store bought.  No more points.. no more visible lines..  this trick is worth giving it a try.   These brads were made from cardboard paper plates, so they are much thicker than just regular paper and still I'm so pleased with how they turned out.   Have the Imaginisce iTop Brad Maker... give this a try and let me know how your brads turned out.

I recently seen a video I believe it was on youtube from Imaginisce, but  I can't be sure.. to many earthbound souls, erry lifeless souls looking for someone to invade, I think one got me!! lol  my brain just isn't the same. teehee

Anyway enough with the silliness I watched an Imaginisce produced video.. and todays post is for those of us that LOVE the Imaginisce I Top Brad Maker.    I just love being able to make a brad to what ever my little heart desires, but always hated the little ridges that are created after using the Imaginisce paper punch and the brad is completed.  You know its just not the perfect look... I've studied many crafters who use the brad maker, and look to see just how well theirs turn out and if they can get there edge to look smooth.. or what tricks they did to cover up the sides..   WELL HOLD ON.. cause this video that I watched gave a fantastic trick tip and I just had to share it with everyone, well to those that stop by anyway!

After punching out your image, paper, or what ever it is you want to make a brad out of, lay paper towel on the table and place your cut paper, in between folded paper towel,  then wet the towel..   don't soak your paper.. but sightly dampen it.  on both sides.    Then continue the steps of making your brad, making sure the edges are good and tucked in before you clamp the back on.  When your brad is made.. roll the finished brad all around the counter.. to flatten the edges.  I used extra firm pressure as what I made my brads from were cardboard paper food plates, so you all know how stiff and how the ridges would be extremely hard and pokey...   WELL ROLL ON!    Give it a try... Here is a few pictures.. could you guess that those are made from paper plates??  They are almost perfect.. and you would have to look twice to see that it actually does have edges but they are so pressed in they blend in...  What a Great tip Imaginice had!!
If I could find that video I'd show you.. but then again.. to many invasions and not enough memory!!

TAKE A LOOK UP CLOSE!!  Well do you think it worked??   ohh I just love this trick!

I'd love to know how it worked for you, so please share your experiences with me.  
Happy Brad Making!
OH yes and a very spooky Halloween!!


  1. Those brads are adorable! You did a great job!

  2. Thanks Marlene... not sure how many will see this trick as not alot of people use the Brad Maker.. but boy its changed semi OK brads into almost perfect, professional looking Brads. I wanted to share that trick I hope someone sees it and trys... I've only tried it on cardboard and it turned out so good.. I could only imagine how good it would be and regular cardstock.

  3. These turned out great. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Wow great job,your flowers are awesome also,so pleased i found your blog,Trish


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