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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Our New addition That seems to Run on the Energizer Battery!!

A few of you know that just over a year and a half I lost my loveable pet Jasmine.  I've been heart broken, but was dealing with so many emotions.  I didn't want to get a new pet as I felt like I was just replacing Jasmine our dog of almost 17 years.   It hurt so much I cried so much... even as short ago as a few days.  I felt guilty...  All this time I kept say NO NO NO it hurt to much I NEVER want to feel that loss again.  but in my heart i kept thinking I need someone or something to fill this huge hole.  So just shy of 4 weeks ago...  I found myself driving out to go view a puppy.... YA a PUPPY.. what was I thinking?!!!!!   Well once I seen this face I couldn't say NO....  Meet my little girl Mimzy.  Part Bichon and Cocker Spaniel!  Born Oct 2nd and one very happy crazy and funny little girl!

She was 4 pounds when we brought her home...  and after her second vet check she is 6 pounds.
That adorale little sweater was from  my mom.  She actually likes it... its been sooo cold out you can tell she wants to stay out and play in the snow.  But don't let these adorable looks steal your heart  LOL  This little thing gets and EATS EVERYTHING!!...  I'm constantly sticking my fingers in her mouth to see what she got..  her fav is to scoop up a rock.. when I'm not looking...  so dangerous.  it doesn't matter what it is... its in her mouth!!..  With my heath I questioned should I??  but I'm glad I have a very helpful supportive Soft hearted family.  LOL  She's melted several hearts and as a few people wrapped around her little paws.   put boy is this little girl a handful!!   Thanks for stopping by.. yes I'm still alive.. and often stop by here but never have much to say.  

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  1. Good Morning old friend. I went into my blog today and was greeted by your wonderful comment. I just want to say you made my year! Last year brought many things into my life some good and some bad. The most recent was getting my son better after a long term illness. He is coming back and getting better everyday I have not had a lot of time or energy for my artsy world but I just have to say your encouranging words were exactly what I needed. I am so happy that you found a new love, Mimsy looks adorable, My first "grandson" happens to be a yorkie - maltese mix and I can tell you they are just loves. I am sure you will be in store for many wonderful moments with your new addition. I am just getting back into the swing of things but cannot wait to see more of your beautiful artful in the near future. I actually have a piece that I will be posting soon so thanks again for making my day a little brighter and letting me know you care. God Bless - Jennifer (for the luv of bling)

  2. She is just so precious! I know you will love her to pieces

  3. Hi, Sherry - You have been on my mind lately, and I have not seen any posts from you here or on I miss your pretty work and just wanted to say that I hope all is well in your world and that your health has improved since last we spoke. Hugs, Fran

  4. She is just precious, glad you have her!!


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