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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A flower Monster has been Created

lI recently joined a swap that well, went sour I guess.  Still haven't gotten my returns.    But this started me on the creating flower journey.   I still haven't decided to add them to Etsy or not.. the charges are so much,
Like any company would do, the charges they occur are passed on to the buyers.. thats just how business work, but I don't want people to think I'm ripping them off.  My flowers take hours.. expecially my hand drawn design layouts.   My largest 3 in flower can have up to 8 layers of petals..  just depends on which flower I create.   There are some new one I've been working on  since I last posted..

I just love the colors of these.  These flowers have thick heavey glitter cardstock as the base petal.  it adds lots of glitter, though the camera doesn't pick up that so well.  The centers are not glued down, this is like this because of selling and sending through the mail.  To much risk of damage if the roses are sitting above the flower.  So I leave them off and can be added on with a dab of glue.  The leaves too are not added, as that is a very personal choice where you would want the on your layout.

Not only am I trying to be creative with my homemade flowers, I'm trying to be creative with my display.  I just love how this picture turned out.  This weathered angel, which brings such character, hold within her hands, as if she was smelling in there intoxicating scent.   I'm very pleased with how this one turned out.

Although you cant tell in these photo, there are layers upon layers on these flowers, half which are hand cut.  Most of this set of flowers have been hand painted first, with Acrylic paint as well some have Glitter paint.. and then the most shiny product I've found is added..  All Acid free!  and non toxic too!  Here is a few close up pictures so you can see some of the design.  Some I've spent alittle more intricate time creating a pretty design within the petal.. I hope you enjoy

These center flowers match perfectly for this flower which is 3 inches wide.
The rose is the perfect color of pink, and the Prima daisy adds a very feminine feel for this flower.  A you can see the stamped image I created in the first layer of this flower,  draws your attention to the center.  I hope you enjoy

These black and white have to be my
favorite so far.  The pink flower center  made these two flowers very feminine and soft.   I added the small feather leaves along with the mulberry as an experiment,  I haven't quite decided if they look better with.. or without.  What do you think?

This last set  doesn't fit in with all the pretty colors.  they are such a bold vibrant red.  The design on these ones have been drawn on by me. I didn't add any center piece as I couldn't figure out what looked the best.  I think a clear Rhinestone might be the best with this set.   I know they are much different, but I hope you still can enjoy.

Thanks for taking a small tour of my recently made flowers.  I am selling them and would accept money order.  I haven't mailed out any out of the US and Canada,  so I'm not sure how much postage would be.
But knowing Canada post is will be an overpriced charge.   
If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line.   I hope you enjoyed my flowers, there are other photos on here if you would like to see other photos.  

Have a wonderful week.  Thanks for the visit


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous!!! Seriously the prettiest I've seen! WOW!

  2. Fabulous job with the flowers and the presentation Sherry!!Love it!!
    Lidia (raibow151)

  3. WOW!!! Fantastic work..I love the black n white ones the most too but they are all fabulous..great work so much talent!!!!!!!!


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