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Friday, May 25, 2012

MY Mother has my heart

This was the gift I made for my mom.  Again.. first time making a heart box, and with lots of practice I got my roses looking really good... ooo I'm so happy.  I've been working on them for so long, just wanted them to look like a real rose.    Plus I enjoy making paper flowers, so I enjoyed every minute.   If you stop by please drop a note just to say hi, I'm thinking about deleting my blog as I don't think anyone ever visits so I kinda feel like I am wasting my time.   Would be nice to know that someone does come and visit.  Here are a few pictures of The opening heart rose box.

THANKS FOR STOPPING IN.   Would love to know if anyone comes by for a visit.. THX



  1. Stunning box and roses. You should link this post to the new tab I added under my blog header. Love all the bling you added!
    Don't get discouraged by slow blog traffic. People will begin to find you. You do amazing work!

    papercompulsions dot blogspot dot com

  2. I love, love your roses. I keep looking for the perfect rose file
    for a cutting machine.

    One of the problems you may have in people not leaving comments is that when I subscribed it was to a feed. Took me awhile to actually find your blog.


  3. I love this box! Good job :) So glad you are using Jani's flowers. I haven't dared to master them yet. She makes it look easy but I'm still hoping. Maybe it can be the new years resolution? haha. I to know how you feel about deleting the blog. I about did mine too until hubby asked me not to. Please keep it up, you do wonderful work!


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