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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Still Alive! Happy Father's Day

HI there,

Boy its been awhile since I've posted anything.  I've had the unfortunate luck of having health problems.  I have a form of arthritis which has been mostly under control with immune therapy drugs, but as of the end March this year, Its went into every joint in my hands  and alot in my toes.   Needless to say My hands are very sore you don't even think about them until you can't do little things like pick up a container of milk, open a bottle, or even turning the key to start the truck.  I have alot of health problems, from neck and pinched nerves, resulting in mother of all headaches, I also deal with my ribs that lock up or come out of place and have to be manipulated by my a therapist to get them back in place twice weekly... and boy that is painful,  I've also had my own dealing with cancer, and had a bit of a scare and had to have another biopsy last week.  So needless to say  I'm on alot of medication to help me deal with the pain and inflammation.  Unfortunately my joints are so swollen and sore I haven't been able to do much of any crafting. So I was unable to do and more designer layouts, which is very depressing, another enjoyment of life has been taken away for me.  Anyway  Well 3 months later my hands are still really bad. My Arthritis doctor put me on more meds but as usually I got extremely sick from them.  So I'm still hurting and no farther ahead.  I do not usually tell anyone of how hectic things are for me, so I'm being very honest here.  Its driving me CRAZY that I can't do much crafting, so I've tried small things like cards. Crafting is all that I've had left that I could do, it usually took me a long time to get a layout done, its because I have to stop so I can control pain from getting out of hand.   Even though I'm very new at cards.. and I'll be posting my 3rd one I've made,  its not the same as getting a layout done.   BUT... at least I can get some scrappy things done.  Perhaps I'll try a layout one of these days, but it will take probably a couple weeks if not more to complete.  but I guess thats better than nothing!

I made this cute little Father's day card/tackle box for my dad  for father's day and I want to share with  you, as well a few weeks ago I got a card done for my sister who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.   Today I'm going to share both with you.  I hope you enjoy.   Please leave a message and say Hi.  Its nice to know that I have someone visiting.   Thanks  Sherry

I Ran out of time to get my card for my sister posted up last night.  But I will make another post later today.   Physiotherapy for me today, so I'll have to do it much later today.   Come on back later and I'll have my sister's card and list of dies for anyone thats interested.    

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  1. So glad to see your up and about a little. As always this is another meticulous piece by you. I am sorry to hear about your health issues I hope the doctors turn up something soon.


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